Awards and Works of Research

Each year, a lot of research is done in the literary world. Some of this research is used to write a book. Other research may be used to change the way we teach people how to read, or how to test their reading skills. While research papers and journals are not as mainstream as books or other literary works, there are still awards that are given for well-done papers. Here are two of the agencies that award researchers with awards or grants for the research they are doing in the literary world.

International Reading Association Awards and Grants

Every year, the International Reading Association awards the Elva Knight Research Grant and the Esther Zolt Academic Research Grant. These are for students and teachers who are doing research in the fields of reading or literacy.

Some of the research topics that have been funded through these grants include research done on Common Core reading benchmarks. There are also grants that help implement reading projects in schools and treat illiteracy among adults.

International Research Society for Children’s Literature

Since 1994, The International Research Society for Children’s Literature, or IRSCL, has been giving awards for outstanding research in children’s literacy. These awards are given to acknowledge the work that was done.l They also provide funds for this research, as many of these research projects are not lucrative.

Some of the research projects that have won the International Research Society for Children’s Literature:

  • Racial Innocence: Performing American Childhood from Slavery to Civil Rights by Robin Bernstein
  • The Poetics of Childhood by Roni Natov
  • When Toys Come Alive: Narratives of Animation, Metamorphosis and Development by Lois Rostow Kuznets

Many colleges and universities have their own research awards and grants. To find out more about the literary awards and grants that colleges and universities offer, contact them individually.